Sunday, 27 February 2011

Water ways

Sent the licence application (Canals and Rivers) to BW on Wednesday (23rd), in good time to get the early payment discount.

On Saturday went to Great Haywood, leaving about 11.15. With only a quick comfort break we arrived just after 2.30. Not a bad day – just a bit of rain and spray on the roads, and a single short sleety shower while we were there. Main job was to get the tonneau cover support rigged properly, with some old fencing posts I had taken. Managed to make something of an improvement on the previous model, but it's still a bit jerry-rigged.

Electricity meter still has £6.83 on it. Fitted the new telescopic section to the aerial. This gave us enough reception to see a bit of the rugby internationals, but it was still very grainy – not sure whether it's the location or the aerial. There is definitely water dripping into the enclosed space behind the TV/audio units from the window above.

Went over to say 'Hi' to Bruce in Sanity Again, as his blog indicates they'll be leaving on their travels soon, and to thank him in person for clearing water from the tonneau. Journey home was dry and efficient: 6.15 – 9.30.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Safety Certificate

Yesterday spoke with Steve about the spar supporting the tonneau cover. He kindly said he'd ask Dave to take a look and see what he could do.

Today engineering suggested boat safety inspector Derek Luker, and arranged for him to do the inspection this afternoon. Spoke with him tonight on the phone, and he was very complimentary about the quality of the boat.  He and the engineering boys attached some anchor chain and D-links to secure the gas bottles. The boat passed and he will send the certificate tomorrow.

Also finally received the insurance documents from GJW Direct.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sagging tonneau cover

Bruce in Sanity left a comment to say that the tonneau cover had had a pool of water in it, with all the rain. He and Sheila had kindly removed the water but advised that the supporting strut really needed to be sorted out if the cover was not to stretch further.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

First visitors

Brief visit on Saturday, accompanied by Sarah and Rachael, on our way to Doncaster for a practical training week preparation weekend. Nice to have our first visitors on board, even if only for a picnic lunch.

Took the telescopic aerial section, but forgot the tools to get the old broken bit off.

Ellie heard me telling Steve and Dave about the Chinese hat, and said she could order one. Dave volunteered to go and measure the flue terminal to make sure we get the right size. However, no word from Ellie by Thursday. I also asked Dave if he could do me a favour by checking inside the gas locker to see where the securing chains ought to fit.

Weather foul for most of the travel, but a very useful weekend in Doncaster.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

No Hat

Jenny emailed to say there had been no Chinese hat when the lads fitted the new flue terminal. So, wherever it went, we need to replace it. Since I've lost my voice over the last two days, I emailed Jenny rather than ring her to ask for advice about acquiring one.

Today we received the Maxview telescopic aerial section.

Currently strong gales and very wet weather promised for Saturday when we travel to Doncaster. So we might need to revise our plans for going via GH.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Received the invoice for the 250 hour service. No details as to what was done – Jenny's last email said to look in the engine service manual to see what would be included. She mentioned just "fuel filters (sic - is there one in the line to the Webasto?) and gearbox".

Emailed Jenny to say we'd happily send the cheque, but indicated that the service going ahead was a bit of a surprise. Asked her to get the Chinese hat back on the flue if the guys still have it, since we didn't see it on board.

Found the Gazelle aerial on the Maxview site, and ordered a replacement telescopic bit for it.