Friday, 14 November 2014

Diesel use

Calculation from Middlewich - Liverpool - Norbury Junction

Liverpool: 100 litres
Norbury Junction: 186.5 litres

Total: 286.5 litres

Engine Hours (09/09/14 - 14/10/14): 127.3
286.5 / 127.3 = 2.25 litres per hour

This seems high, even given that a significant amount was on the River Weaver or broad canals allowing a good cruising speed. Especially because quite a lot was also battery charging. The last check (09/09/14) shows 138 litres for 81 engine hours: = 1.7 litres  / hour – much better.

Engine hours calculation show the Kings Lock Service was done 246 hours after the 1000 hour service last year.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

GH Marina

Day for packing up. Washed the roof and sides and polished the left side. Bought a bag of Supatherm from the marina (£12 as against £8.50 from Rennaisance).

Got away about 5.30 and were home by 8.50 or so. Easy run down.