Sunday, 31 May 2015

Kings Bromley to Branston

Weather clearing by lunch-time. Some help from volunteers on the first two Fradley locks.

A boat came far too fast towards us round the corner at the River Trent weir, forcing us against it. We collided pretty heavily with a submerged tree trunk

8.2 miles   12 locks    4.5 hours engine

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Great Haywood to Kings Bromley

Got anything redundant into the car. Need to check whether we've got an inflatable mattress on board – can pick it up on our way back in a few days if we've left the only one in the car. Picked up a couple of packages (E-mop) from the PO. Got a card for the new electricity meter from Doug. Zeroed the meter – the reading was 4232 – need to check how that corresponds with the ~£7 that I thought was on the meter.

Stopped at Rugeley for a Morrisons shop. Day was good for travel, though chilly at times.

CanalPlan said to stop at Kings Bromley wharf. Where that was indicated in Nicholson's was horrible bank. There was some Armco a bit earlier which would have done, though rather shady. Eventually tied up on the bollarded section just before Lock 20. Seemed OK since there's virtually no traffic and we'l be away early.

12 miles, 2 locks, 5.5 hours engine.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015