Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Travelled to GH yesterday (Monday 30th) and went through the boat re-commissioning the water system. Very straightforward, because:

• Keith had pointed out that Jabasco water pumps have hose attachments that click on and off. After emptying the system he had clicked them back in position. I just needed to open the stop cock from the tank.

• After pumping out the calorifier he had screwed the pressure device back in place. All I had to was check it.

Very strong winds were freeing the pram cover window curtain velcro fastenings. Had to get up in the night to roll two of them to stop them thrashing around. Noted in the morning that there is now a small tear in the fabric where the rear curtain was under tension from the wind.

Measured up for the solar panel. Weather was appalling so we came back home today instead of staying an extra day.