Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Gailey to Bridge 67

Overnight, the battery voltage had dropped to 10.5. Set out from Gailey at 9, but by the time we got to Hatherton (?40 minutes) it was only up to 10.6. Decided to turn around, go back to Gailey and ring engineering, since it was was possible they might do a home visit. John confirmed it was an alternator problem, because it was 10.6 even while the engine was running. Allan on NB Pengalanty was moored near, and recommended Oxley Marine. They sent Philip, who replaced the regulator on the domestic alternator. He also took away the fire door to complete the repair to the glass-holding-screw holes.

Ran down from Gailey to just short of Autherley junction – a beautiful spring evening. Didn't meet any boats coming the other way, and there was very little earlier.

Total distance: 14 miles, 0 locks. 5.5 hours engine time.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Great Haywood to Gailey Wharf

Very cloudy, windy, spots of rain, cold. But very good time – never come this far in one day before except, possibly, coming back from Middlewich last summer.

Most systems seem fine. Domestic batteries do not seem to have charged as much as they should during the long day's trip. Showing 12.6 volts.

Squirrel stove's repair not good. One of the new machine screws holding the glass seems to have sheared about half way down, and its hole appears to have been drilled out too far  at the top. Contacted  engineering to see what they say. Meanwhile, heating on this cold evening is courtesy of Webasto.

14 miles, 12 locks, 7 hours engine time.